Power of positivity

IMG_1744Maximize the benefit of your efforts

It is so important to embrace what we do. When we approach work, food, exercise or medicine (conventional or supplements) with a spirit of positivity, it has a significant influence on our lives.  If I put a negative connotation before behaviours and actions, my cells get the signal of that negativity, and will not utilize the whole benefit of food or exercise for that matter.

Can a placebo effect be positive medicine?

If I stop drinking wheatgrass juice, which is an amazing nutrition power factory, because I don’t like the taste, it has a negative impact on me.  However, if I learn to embrace and fully accept wheatgrass juice with positivity, my cells are very grateful for this healthy choice. When people take pills or supplements that they honestly believe will help, I personally believe it often works. It makes me wonder if this is a placebo effect?  It could very well be that this is what it is.  In the long run, does it really matter as long as it helps a person get better and stronger.  There are times when even a placebo effect can be the positive medicine!

Positivity and love result in a healthier you 

My personal and individual belief is that eating certain nutrient dense foods or taking a supplement like probiotics or vitamin D will make me healthier and stronger.  My positivity and the embracing of it will help my cells embrace the food, supplement, and exercise. It then will positively incorporate it into my daily metabolic cycle.

There is no science in this blog, just belief in the power of positivity and love.

Pyramid of love

IMG_5780Power of belief and power of love created the perfect storm of success

I run a network marketing business.   Many of you may wonder why a doctor is involved in MLM (multi-level marketing)? I would like to share the story of my success in this, so-called “pyramid scheme” adventure.

I build pyramids: they are pyramids of love and health. I have just experienced the effect of my own team pyramid of love.

I’ve never experienced the support, help, love and sacrifice of people to make me successful, like it happened just recently.  Several people just voluntarily, without asking for anything in return, just helped me.  They lifted me up to a level of success and freedom.

I believe my dream will come true and I will reach my goal with the belief and power of people’s love and indeed, with the help of God, yes, I have reached my goal!

I express my thanks to my pyramid of love, my pyramid of teammates and friends, not only for making me successful but also for making me so full of happiness and love and for keeping my fire to help others.

My pyramid is changing the world to be a better place, how is about yours?

Q & A: Does Protandim do the same things as fish oil or Ginkgo?

Question by Stacie: If I take Protandim, do I still need to take fish oil and ginkgo biloba? I’ve noticed some positive effects from the Ginkgko. But does Protandim do the same things as fish oil or as Ginkgko? 

Answer by Dr. Silverman:  I would love to caution you that I am not a naturopathic, nor a homeopathic doctor or chiropractor and will refer you to their expertise of herbs, roots and natural remedies.

My personal opinion that you need to take essential fatty acids. You can obtain “great fish oil” from wild Alaskan salmon or sardines or krill fish. You can take fish oil, but just make sure it is not rancid and preferentially, in the capsule formulation from the best possible source. As a Vegan, I obtain my omega 3/omega 6 fatty acids from flax, hemp or chia seeds. I grind them just before I consume them, and usually don’t leave more than 40 minutes between grinding and eating them.  Again, and it is personal opinion: I will stay on both protandim and Ginko biloba.

Q & A: Are bioidentical hormones safe?

Question by Dawn:

My mom is a breast cancer survivor for 14 years now. As this has touched our family, I have become interested in what I can do to prevent this disease.  My question is this: I have read some of the Susan Somers books regarding supplements and BHRT. Does your research support BHRT? I did partake in BHRT for about 1 1/2 years and then discontinued as I didn’t see any change in my hormone levels and my family doctor advised against it. I guess I’m asking what is your opinion on BHRT?

Answer by Dr. Silverman:

I love Susan Somer’s books and read most of them and learnt from them as well. I deeply respect the doctors she has interviewed. Honestly, I don’t have an educated opinion on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), but indeed if need, personally will go for bioidentical only.

I am not concerned with my estrogen and truly leave it up to natural body path, relying on proper foods, exercise and supplementation.

There is power in cholesterol as a building block of steroid hormones and estrogens and such.  It’s important to eat proper fats and eliminate tap water, animal protein, coming from conventionally raised animals, and to stay away from plastic and aluminum deodorants. These things eliminate the abnormal estrogen, “xenoestrogen”. It is very healthy to stay fit and keep my normal body/mass/index so it eliminates the estrogen dominance.

Being menopausal, I try to obtain my estrogens from flax seeds, legumes, very rarely from tofu ( only certified organic variety), sweet potatoes and from healthy fats, like avocados, olive oil and so on and so forth.


I would love to invite you to my lecture on health and science behind oxidative stress, weight management, probiotics, and management of the above with my line of supplements, The lecture will take place on Wednesday, April 27/2016 at 7 pm, 4737-25 ave NW.

Q & A: Can someone take Protandim during or after radiation therapy?

Question by Colette:

My friend recently underwent radiation, chemo & colostomy. She was taking Protandim prior to radiation but was advised to stop by her naturopathic oncologist as well as oncologist. She is 3 weeks post op. What could she bring to her doctors about Protandim that they might review or at least give her the go ahead to take? Do you have any compelling statements or recommend any particular studies etc? I thought it was very interesting that her naturopathic doctor put her on his supplements with turmeric etc.

Also, friends that have recovered from breast cancer have been told by the cancer clinic doctors not to take Protandim because of the milk thistle in it. How do you address this issue? thanks very much

Answer by Dr. Silverman:

Thank you so very much for your questions. Indeed, I cannot interfere with your friend’s management of colorectal and breast carcinoma.  It is my pleasure to provide you with some research and evidence on Protandim and NRF2 in colon cancer and to share some research papers in regards to milk thistle, estrogen receptors and breast cancer as well as NRF2 inducers during chemotherapy.

Research articles:

Oxidative stress’ effect on aging, disease and clear thinking

IMG_1245Everyone wants to be healthy and young.  Please show me anyone, who wants to look old? Why is it bad to ask a woman, “how old are you?” Why do we age and why are we prone to get sick as we age?

Oxidative stress is involved in different pathophysiological states, such as aging, inflammatory, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, by damaging several cellular and tissue components including proteins, DNA and fats. Over the last decade, remarkable progress has been made to realize that oxidative stress and chronic, low-grade inflammation are major risk factors underlying brain aging.

What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants. It is linked to over 200 chronic diseases with heart disease, arthritis, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease as “front runners”.

However, even healthy people need to worry about oxidative stress. It is estimated that our cells are “terrorized by” 600 quadrillion free radical attacks per day; it’s 600 with 15 zeroes!

Yes, indeed, I want to live long and happy and with clear mind.

Browsing the Internet in search of oxidative stress definition, I came across the paper: The Role of Oxidative Stress-Induced Epigenetic Alterations in Amyloid-B Production in Alzheimer’s DiseaseIt fascinated me:  Epigenetic alterations? What is epigenetic?

Epigenetics literally means “above” or “on top of” genetics. It refers to external modifications to DNA that turn genes “on” or “off.” These modifications do not change the DNA sequence, but instead, they affect how cells “read” genes. Epigenetic changes are indeed, inflicted by chemical pollutants, dietary components, temperature changes and other external stresses, aka oxidative stress.

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most prevalent type of dementia with over five million people affected in the United States and 35 million worldwide.

The major hallmark of AD pathogenesis is the presence of amyloid plaques and special neuronal tangles, which leads to the loss of signal transduction between the nerve cells (neurons). In AD one possible vehicle for deposition and accumulation of this abnormal protein, called amyloid, is oxidative stress (OS), mediated by the production of free radicals. And clearly free radicals can lead to epigenetic cellular modification, leading to amyloid plaque formation.

Therapies that include a diet with high levels of antioxidants could both guard against deleterious epigenetic changes and alleviate the devastating clinical manifestations of AD.

What is the “punch line” in all of this “medical verbiage”?

Let’s prevent and fight dementia via eating nutrient dense foods full of proper fats, like plenty of avocados, coconut oil, essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 8 oils, found in wild salmon, chia, flax and hemp seeds. Let’s exercise, play puzzles and solve crosswords.

Let’s laugh a lot and be happy!

Please find attached couple papers on AD and epigenetics as well as my power point presentation with some notes.
1.The Role of Oxidative Stress-Induced Epigenetic Alterations in Amyloid-B Production in Alzheimer’s Disease
2. Epigenetics and environment: emerging patterns and implications, Nature 2012.
3. OS aging and diease, april 21 2016 no ABC

Note: Thank you Karen Spenser for giving me the opportunity to lecture on oxidative stress, aging and disease at ATCO Electric.

Q & A: Can a breast cancer survivor take Tamoxifen and Protandim?

QuestionIf some is taking Tamoxifen after surviving breast cancer, can they take Protandim as well?  Are there any problems with interactions of these two?

AnswerThank you very much for your question. This website is not intended to represent LifeVantage, I would try to answer:

a. We need to remember and stand by statement that Protandim does not treat, cure or mitigate disease.

b. Individuals should address this issue with their medical oncologist or radiation oncologist. Bear in mind, that not all doctors may be familiar with oxidative stress/NRF2 and indeed Protandim.  Here is a small study done on Protandim and DCIS, The FASEB Journal Abstract April 2012. Also please find the paper on Nrf2, a master regulator of detoxification and also antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and other cytoprotective mechanisms, is raised by health promoting factors – Feb 15.   All the best to you and please keep promoting health.

Life lessons from a father to his son

I was absolutely moved and inspired by Rabbi Pinchas Allouche’s letter to his son on the eve of Bar Mitzva (traditional Jewish celebration of a boy turning 13 years old). His words empowered me, deeply communicated and resonated with my outlook and philosophy of life. Rabbi Allouche is not only my husband’s mentor and if I may say “favourite” Rabbi, but also a Rabbi listed in the Jewish Daily Forward as one of America’s 36 Most Inspiring Rabbis, who are “shaping 21st Century Judaism.”

I asked permission to share this with you, my dear friends.  I hope it inspires you the way it did me.

A letter to my Bar-Mitzvah son

Image 2016-04-17 at 9.33 AMEsther and I look forward to celebrating our son, Yisrael’s Bar Mitzvah. I’ve long been aware that as a Rabbi, even personal affairs are communal, for the good or not (this one is for the good- and please God, it should always be that way!) So I wanted to share with you parts of a letter I sent my son yesterday in the midst of our preparations for his big day. May we only share happy occasions together. Shabbat Shalom – Rabbi Allouche

Dearest Yisrael,

A few days ago, as I observed you practicing for the zillionth time your Torah reading, prayers and speech, my mind floated to an impossible place:

Did Mommy and I do a “good-enough” job to lead you to this day and to equip you with all the tools that your adult life will now require? The answer, only God knows. Still, my dear son, below is another daring attempt to empower you with some ideas as you embark on this journey called life, in which you will undoubtedly continue to grow, shine and succeed, from strength to strength, to become a man of God and His people, and an agent of wisdom and goodness to each and all:

1. Look Backward

“If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future,” Winston Churchill once wrote. He was right: Like trees, a part of who we are at present, is our past. And any attempt to disconnect ourselves from this past, can endanger not just our present, but also our future.

Think of a chain necklace in which you are an important link. Without you, the necklace ceases to exist. And without your necklace’s past links – parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, ancestors (among them was an Algerian chief Rabbi and author of holy books, an acclaimed aeronautical engineer, and a nobel prize winner) all the way to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – your necklace ceases to exist too.

So connect to them with love, learn from them with passion, and follow their holy ways with vigor, and your future will undoubtedly spring forth, and make our nation and family’s necklace stronger and brighter than ever.

2. …But Go Forward

Yes, you must look backward, at your past. But don’t stay there. Never cease to go forward each and every day, to make an impact in the present, fulfill your God-given purpose, and pave the “Yisrael roads” in our world, that only you can pave.

Your great-grandfather used to repeat a one-liner which has now been engraved in the consciousness of our family: “We must achieve today, much more than we did yesterday, and much less than we will do tomorrow.” I have no doubt that you too, Yisrael will follow his calling. At times, you will certainly be tested. Life is filled with challenges. But it is the people who work relentlessly hard to go forward, that eventually succeed, beyond measure.

Did you know that a total of twelve publishers (!) rejected the Harry Potter Series? But the author, J. K. Rowling, never despaired and continued to work hard until she became a household name. Other examples include, Steve Jobs who dropped out of college, was fired from Apple, the company he co-founded, and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. But he was determined to work hard, and he became one of the greatest entrepreneurs our generation has known. Albert Einstein was labeled by his teachers “slow” and “mentally handicapped,” but with very hard work, he became the most celebrated scientist in history. The examples are endless.

I know that with hard work and determination, you too, Yisrael, will join that exclusive list, and become a shining light in our world, to eternity.

3….and Focus Heavenward

One of my favorite Chassidic sayings, comes from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. He would often ask his disciples: “Did you look heavenward today?”

It’s a good question, isn’t it? And it is a question that we can benefit from today – in our generation that increasingly looks downward, toward our phones and other gadgets – more than ever before.

So, Yisrael, did you look heavenward today? No, not just toward our all-embracing God, although that too is important. But also toward your dreams yet to be fulfilled, and our aspirations yet to be realized.

In our Torah, all of our heroes looked heavenward and dreamed big: Avraham dreamed of changing the world with monotheism. Yosef dreamed of becoming a royal king. Moshe dreamed of leading our nation into the promised land. They each faced the harshest of challenges, but they never stopped asking themselves, “Did we look heavenward today?” That is what made them the greatest of the greats. And that is what will make you the greatest of the greats too.

4. You Can Be Your Greatest Friend or You Can Be Your Greatest Enemy

When I was your age, our dear Rabbi and mentor, Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, or “Rav Adin” as we like to call him, once called me aside and asked me: “Do you know what my greatest obstacle is?” Before I was able to utter a word, he replied: “It is me, Adin,” he said. “And the same goes for you. The greatest obstacle to you, Pini, is Pini. Once you will learn to master yourself, you will not have any problems in mastering the entire world.”

It was the best advice I had ever received. And it makes sense: within each of us, as you know, we have a yetzer hatov and a yetzer hara, a good inclination and a bad inclination. Or in the words of the Tanya, each of us possesses a Godly soul and an animal soul. It’s simple: the Godly soul wants us to follow Hashem and His Torah. The animal soul wants the opposite.

Both the Godly soul and the animal soul talk to us throughout the day. That’s how God made us. But almost always, you will know and feel deep within you, which voice you ought to listen to. Here’s a tip: The G-dly soul will almost always lead you toward Mitzvot and good actions. Conversely, the animal soul doesn’t want you to engage in doing good. If you’re unsure which voice you should listen to, you can always ask me, Mommy or a teacher of yours that you trust.

Rav Adin is right: if you can follow your Godly soul and control the animal one, you will see that you too will be able to master the world.

5. Don’t Pursue Happiness. Just Live it.

Viktor Frankl, one of my favorite authors, once wrote: “Don’t aim at happiness…You have to just let it happen by not caring about it. I want you to listen to what your conscience commands you to do and go on to carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then you will live to see that in the long-run-in the long-run, I say!-happiness will follow you precisely because you had forgotten to think about it.”

Indeed, happiness happens, not when you pursue it, but when you fulfill your unique purpose in life. If you live every moment fully, and seize every opportunity that is presented to you, then you will be happy.

Here’s a little secret: As a Rabbi, my main goal in life is to make people happy by supporting and encouraging people to stay true to themselves, to their Jewish identity, to their Divine souls. Sadly, too often, I see people become that which they are not. And it pains me. Some become doctors when they really wanted to be lawyers. Some become racing business-men when they really wanted to be settled family-men. And some turn into a pathetic version of their neighbor instead of a version of their true selves. So they become sad.

Yisrael, Mommy and I know that you are truly special and unique. God created only one Yisrael in the entire world. And He wants you to be you. Yes, your entire you, with all of your unique and special talents and skills. And we know that you were blessed with so many of them; from the brilliance of your intellect, to the vastness of your compassionate heart, to your willingness to run to do a Mitzvah, no matter its degree of difficulty. And if you remain true to who you are, I know that your life will be filled with blessings, and I know that happiness will then come to you, and never leave you.

6. Ok, One Final Idea

Ok, here’s one final idea. Perhaps, this idea is the most important of all: Know that Abba and Mommy are always here for you, with endless and unconditional love. And if you ever need an ear to listen to you, a heart to feel you, a soul to shine upon you, Abba and Mommy are always, always available for you.


Used with permission – Retrieved from CBT’s weekly newsletter, Friday, Nissan 7, 5776, April 15, 2016.

Momma, I miss you more than ever



Today is my mom’s birthday.  She helped shape who I’ve become.  As I remember her today, I want to share my memory and the impact of her influence with you today. A line from one of my favourite songs is, “My beautiful momma, I miss you more than even now”!

We all started with our mothers.  Most of us adore our mothers and want to be like them. I always wanted to be like my mother and have her kindness, warmth, show her love to people and her dedication to family. I wanted to be smart and tenacious like her.

I was fortunate that through the fights and disagreements that transpire between two very strong women, I always adored her and she was my absolute best friend and confidant. She was my advisor and “thunder poll” in moments of teary rains and emotional explosions.

The healer motivated my focus on health

My mom had a gift of a healer; she was a doctor by trade and by God’s calling. She was born to help and treat people, conventionally, alternatively with power of smile and laughter and with power of love.  Mom had deadly cancer and I am absolutely positive it was brought up by different modalities of stress. That is why, I am an ‘ANTI-STRESS” doctor. It was my mom who started me on my journey of exploring health, promoting health and health education.

My Mom left us in 2004, becoming my guiding and guarding angel. She is with me every day of my life, I know she is with me, I just miss her warm and pillowy gentle hugs. Sorry, guys, I don’t want to go all mushy and teary on you!!

Love, positivity and happiness brings health

Well: what is the “punch line here”? Its all about love and positivity of life. We live happy, when we are healthy. Healthy, is not only physical, but indeed I am talking about emotional and spiritual health.  Love and health is the key to long life.  I am all for it.

Thank you, my amazing always-beloved mother. I love you always.

I love you all my friends.  Spring is in the air.



Are you committed to your health?

*Anne suffers from a metastatic lung cancer, which has now spread to her bones. She had stopped conventional drugs due to side effects. She told me how she is losing weight and looking for help.    She is not giving up on life. She really wants to be productive in the community and to be involved with her children and grandchildren’s lives.
Anne asked me what to do about her situation.

Are your food choices dangerous?

Anne and I talked foods and supplements and despite her statement, “I eat well and healthy”, she was unaware of the power of healthy fats, like avocadoes, walnuts, olive oil, chia and flax seeds, wild fish and free ranged fresh eggs.  We discussed the danger of processed foods and sugar. She was asking me why couldn’t she eat pasta and different casseroles. “Do I need to give it up?” she asked.

Your choices matter

Is it easier to commit to proper health via nutrient dense foods, regular exercise, yoga, spirituality, or it’s easier to be sick, but deal with it via drugs and comfort foods?

To begin with, everyone is in a position to make a personal decision. To some degree, we are in charge of our lives and our destiny.

Health is a lifetime commitment

I believe that being healthy and living healthy life style is not easy at all and it is a lifetime commitment. It is not an easy choice and sometimes it is not the most comfortable choice, but it is my choice of feeling good and living happy.

Daily green juices and smoothies is an effort; it’s so much easier to grab a muffin or donut on the way to the office.  It’s easier to “exercise” with remote control, as oppose to “hit” the gym on a daily basis.

The choice is ours, and nobody can blame us or criticize us for our choices. Kindness and tolerance is the key. Education and being able to listen is the key as well.

Let’s be healthy

Let’s be healthy, my friends.
Let’s love life and people.
Let’s love and enjoy ourselves.

*Anne is a pseudonym