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Please forgive me for not writing for so long. And it’s not that there is nothing to talk or share or teach, on contrary, there is plenty. My desire to share, teach, explain is stronger than ever.

As many of you know, I am a part of network marketing company.  I have been “sticking with it” for over five years. I hear many comments of skepticism and negativity about “that type of business”.

I would like to share my perspective with you. I am a double trained allopathic physician, Canadian Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons licensed doctor, and I have m in this “pyramid scam ” for half a decade.

I can’t help but wonder if I were to ask you – Do you think it is about money? Do you think it is a “hoax” and sensation?

I am pretty sure, you have an answer to those questions.

To be a conventional doctor who teaches alternative ways of health is an incredible responsibility. I would go as far to say it is “a bit of chutzpah, guts, and tears” with some fear as well. The responsibility of honesty, ethics and professional integrity, and the obligation of being on the verge of products medical science is incredible.

It is imperative that I stand by research for medical paper, not “testimonials” for validation. However,  I cannot hide the tears of joy and satisfaction of helping desperate people and see their stories and health improvements.

I am a skeptic, and as a result, I read, listen and learn every minute of my life.  Healthy skepticism is driving my desire to learn more, help more and to be opened to any health improving modality.

As a doctor, my passion is to understand the nature of chronic disease and cancer. If we do understand the nature of disease, we do have ways to “tackle it” and finally not only treat it, but actually cure it.

I sincerely want to see double blind placebo randomized control human studies, but there is no such thing in regulation guidelines for supplements research, so we do have to rely on blind peer-reviewed, properly conducted animal studies and studies on human cell lines.

I am so delighted to read case reports and retrospective reviews not only on our products, but other supplements and foods and herbs.

The reason I am in this business is because healthy life style with “essential” or “mandatory supplementation” is the present and future of health and medicine. My goal is to teach thousands about health.  My business partners do that with me and for me and of needy ones.  I have seen both our products and this business concept working continuously.

You and I just need to do it right, with love, kindness, honesty, highest ethical standards and integrity.

To health and love, I am changing the world to better:

Dr. Sveta Silverman, MD and proud networkmarketer.

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  1. I love your perspective, and I share it in my field. As a Physiotherapist of 20 years I have seen that true healing and health starts with prevention and often need support in the form of natural health knowledge and supplements/supports. I have also studied tissue healing in depth and observed the client trials and healing challenges that stump the best and healthiest among us when we are challenged by an injury or illness. I have forged my own path in the alternative healing modalities and products and have been criticized by many in my social circles and in my profession and have felt the fear and yet I choose to continue on my path of truth and knowledge and of sharing and educating those who seek health and desire to feel well and want to understand the best healing options they have and how to unlock their best healing potential. I am so proud to know and love the products you recommend and I watch and absorb as much as I can from your teaching when you share, teach and speak. You are a gift to this health world that we live in and I encourage you and applaud you every day. Keep on sharing and I am listening and cheering you on.

  2. Enlightening commentary Dr. Silverman. I pray many others in your position can expand their awareness and see nutrition as the ultimate medicine as you do. Change does not always come in the way we would takes vision and courage to speak our truth among the naysayers.

  3. Hi Dr.Silverman,I loved your comment as it is so sincere and down to earth and true.
    It could help many people including doctors to see the truth about all you talk about.
    You are a wonderful example and were instrumental in saving my life by directing me to a naturepath doc who specializes in cancer.
    Much Love,

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