A time to grow

Upon my return from the LifeVantage Global convention, I found new inspiration to write. Not about business, products, medicine, science, financial future and success, but about personal growth.

Personal growth

How do I become a better person and a better leader? John C. Maxwell, author of  “The 15 invaluable laws of growth,” answered this question by writing, “do the right things”! After reexamining “the laws of personal growth” in my own life, I feel empowered to do the right things. Like loving people… truly loving them: whole-heartedly helping others and being kind without the promise of reward or recognition.

To organize the day by building a system of “proper habituality.” To begin every morning in prayer, thankful for health and love, and to set aside a few minutes for personal development with reading, listening, and meditating.

To minimize “comfortable distractions” and increase productivity, creativity and accountability.

I love having a “daily mode of operations”, scheduling plans for the future, and setting weekly/monthly goals, but it’s hard to actually follow up.

Do the right things by being a leader who provides genuine, constant, and consistent support without micromanaging.

Do the right things by being a leader who listens, understands, and guides; not one who criticizes and patronizes.

Do the right things by believing in the right things, and acting from the heart.

Intentions are good, but words are cheap. Actions are so much better.

Bottom line:

  • I believe in myself and in the power of the “right things”,
  • I believe in the power of helping others without expecting reward or thanks.
  • I believe in the power of daily “habitual” personal development.
  • I believe in the greatness of every person.

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