Courtesy, commitment or integrity?


As you all know by now, I have a health and wellness company, which consists of appointments, meetings, presentations and lectures.


Whenever I invite someone and they indicate that they will attend, I assume this person will follow up with the commitment. However, indeed, it’s not the case and the yield is usually 10:1. Am I upset and disappointed? On occasion I am. Whether intended or not, yes, it’s personal.  I ask myself the same question. Do I follow-up and attend when I have verbally committed to the event? And sadly enough, I have to admit to myself, and to all of you, that sometimes I don’t. Just of late, I missed attending an event that I previously committed to. I do know that the organizer was deeply disappointed with my husband and I not being there.


My business is personal to me, but not to the people I invite.  My friend’s business is also personal to her, and I when didn’t attend, I let her down. It bothered me that I let someone down. It made me wonder how I should have dealt with the situation.  Life is full and there are times when our schedules have conflicts in them. It makes me wonder how I can still show courtesy when this takes place.


So, I am asking all of you, my friends, “how do you deal with a situation like this?”  Are there times when you commit to something and you either forget, or another thing comes up, do you feel you are letting that person down?  How do you handle this situation so that you are not doing so?

What is the best way to be kind to an inviting person, polite, but also honest? I am looking forward to your comments, suggestions and so grateful to learn.

So, which is it?  Courtesy. Commitment. Integrity.

Always with love,


On a medical note: I will be starting a series of blogs about mitochondria and cellular health.


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  1. It is very important that we are true to what we say, otherwise we lose loyalty in the eyes of others. Things happen in life, and there are definitely extenuating circumstances, but then the right thing to do is be in touch as soon as possible to let that person know you will not be attending after all, or if that isn’t possible, and you missed the event, to let them know in short order, why, and to please let you know when the next opportunity will be. IF you are genuinely not interested, it is respectful to let your contact know that as well. People respect honesty. It speaks volumes about others. And preserves friendships. Always be loving in your follow-ups with others. You never know what someone is dealing with and how your understanding may be the light they are seeking.

  2. When someone does not show up to an event or meeting that had told me they would come, I usually give them a couple days to contact me and if they do not contact me, I communicate to them that we missed them and hope to re-connect sometime in the future. I agree with Marissa above. It is frustrating when people don’t just be honest if they are not interested or can not come. Sometimes, however, something truly does come up unexpected, or they are so busy they forgot. That way, I can try to re-connect with them and give them another opportunity to let me share LV.

  3. Say the truth to the person up front whether you can be there. If anticipated you can’t which most people will not commit, just be honest and say the truth. I would so much rather hear the truth than someone badger back-and-forth and tell me that they’re attending when they are not. Being true to your word is the most important thing. That is called integrity. And many people -most people lack it. If something comes up which does happen then call that person and be responsible and up front and tell them why you did not attend. And then if you’re sincerely interested, reconnect with them and make an appointment. Being true to ones word speaks volumes!

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