Power of positivity

IMG_1744Maximize the benefit of your efforts

It is so important to embrace what we do. When we approach work, food, exercise or medicine (conventional or supplements) with a spirit of positivity, it has a significant influence on our lives.  If I put a negative connotation before behaviours and actions, my cells get the signal of that negativity, and will not utilize the whole benefit of food or exercise for that matter.

Can a placebo effect be positive medicine?

If I stop drinking wheatgrass juice, which is an amazing nutrition power factory, because I don’t like the taste, it has a negative impact on me.  However, if I learn to embrace and fully accept wheatgrass juice with positivity, my cells are very grateful for this healthy choice. When people take pills or supplements that they honestly believe will help, I personally believe it often works. It makes me wonder if this is a placebo effect?  It could very well be that this is what it is.  In the long run, does it really matter as long as it helps a person get better and stronger.  There are times when even a placebo effect can be the positive medicine!

Positivity and love result in a healthier you 

My personal and individual belief is that eating certain nutrient dense foods or taking a supplement like probiotics or vitamin D will make me healthier and stronger.  My positivity and the embracing of it will help my cells embrace the food, supplement, and exercise. It then will positively incorporate it into my daily metabolic cycle.

There is no science in this blog, just belief in the power of positivity and love.

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