Are you committed to your health?

*Anne suffers from a metastatic lung cancer, which has now spread to her bones. She had stopped conventional drugs due to side effects. She told me how she is losing weight and looking for help.    She is not giving up on life. She really wants to be productive in the community and to be involved with her children and grandchildren’s lives.
Anne asked me what to do about her situation.

Are your food choices dangerous?

Anne and I talked foods and supplements and despite her statement, “I eat well and healthy”, she was unaware of the power of healthy fats, like avocadoes, walnuts, olive oil, chia and flax seeds, wild fish and free ranged fresh eggs.  We discussed the danger of processed foods and sugar. She was asking me why couldn’t she eat pasta and different casseroles. “Do I need to give it up?” she asked.

Your choices matter

Is it easier to commit to proper health via nutrient dense foods, regular exercise, yoga, spirituality, or it’s easier to be sick, but deal with it via drugs and comfort foods?

To begin with, everyone is in a position to make a personal decision. To some degree, we are in charge of our lives and our destiny.

Health is a lifetime commitment

I believe that being healthy and living healthy life style is not easy at all and it is a lifetime commitment. It is not an easy choice and sometimes it is not the most comfortable choice, but it is my choice of feeling good and living happy.

Daily green juices and smoothies is an effort; it’s so much easier to grab a muffin or donut on the way to the office.  It’s easier to “exercise” with remote control, as oppose to “hit” the gym on a daily basis.

The choice is ours, and nobody can blame us or criticize us for our choices. Kindness and tolerance is the key. Education and being able to listen is the key as well.

Let’s be healthy

Let’s be healthy, my friends.
Let’s love life and people.
Let’s love and enjoy ourselves.

*Anne is a pseudonym

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