Is there a magic pill?

0303_1188-3There is a “galore” of breast cancer cases is sitting on my desk, but my heart is drawn to the concept of “ panacea”, “miracle pill”, or “magic solution”!

Last night, I had an amazing experience of conducting my first webinar on the topic of cellular upregulation via two nuclear transcription factors NRF2, and NRF1.  Yes, I do represent NRF2 natural up-regulators. Protandim is one of them. I was challenged to the concept that it is “addressed” in media and by some distributors as “miracle pill”. I cannot disagree more with this statement and would like to express my opinion.

Of course, protandim is great and please look it up on, however, by no means it is a “magic pill”, panacea or miracle “drug”!!

There is no such thing.

We, as God’s children, are perfect and we are the miracle and I believe it is my and everybody else’s responsibility and commitment to our bodies and God to keep us happy and healthy.

It is not an easy task and there are no simple take one “magic pill” solution.

Nature is perfect, my cells are perfect if they thrive on proper “soil” with proper nutrients and proper “fertilizers”, like vit D, calcium and magnesium, selenium and so on and so forth (you got the idea).  No such thing as “miracle” pill, only the thrive to becoming better us, healthier us cleaner us and of course kinder us.

Great day to all of you,
With all my heart and love,

Dr. Sveta Silverman, MD

p.s.  If you missed the presentation on cellular up regulation, please review the slide presentation.

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  1. What a nice day…a friend of mine has just passed away, cancer. Only 53. And I have not seen you for very long time tell me what the following mean..I did my regular checkup and my doctor said I have polyps and painful menstruation….what to do

    • I forgot about doctors appointments. Relaxing. But recenly had my blood pressure checked and it was 170 to 140. Getting older….it is a bit higher…what to do?

  2. WOW! Sveta it is a true delight to read a doctor delivering a message on our self healing bodies given the right tools of nutrition ect to heal!! There is hope when a doctor can deliver a message so uplifting as this:) Thank you! I think I will enjoy visiting your blog! lol! Hugs!! xo

    • Thank you for changing my life and thank you for my inspiration, always.
      Health, health and health again: let’s thrive for better physical, mental and financial health. Namaste my beautiful friend. love to you.

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