Healthy living begins with love

IMG_0085I am starting my educational journey and journey of changing people’s lives to better health.

Where do we start?  Of course, we start with LOVE!

What is the gift God empowers us with? If we are lucky and blessed, it’s a gift of love. It’s the gift of loving and being loved.

When we leave this earth, we are “lovingly remembered”. There is an absolute joy to be loved, but there is no better joy and gift than ability to love and give.

And we can only love others, by loving ourselves, accepting ourselves as who we are and just thriving to be a better us.

We cannot be in-love with ourselves, but we can love is as white and black, as good and bad, cherish us as good and improving as from bad to better, but loving ourselves.

LOVE is the word of the today and tomorrow.

Welcome to my site. Welcome to the journey for health and for a better me and you.

I love you!

Thank you

Dr. Silverman

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  1. Sveta, your website is live. What great news! You have so much wisdom, knowledge and love to share with others. And now you have this wonderful vehicle by which to share it. Congratulations. Love, Sandy

  2. impressed you are doing this!! So happy for you. Spread the love and gift of health.

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