Your health choices matter


Properly grown fruits and vegetables are most recognized by the body

This morning I was inspired by Cathleen, an amazing young woman, who I met at the gym. She is my “work out” inspiration and I admire her dedication to daily exercise and thrive to proper nutrition.  We were at the end of spin class and Cathleen told me that she doesn’t take any supplements. It started a great conversation.

I am not a dietician and my knowledge of foods and nutrition comes from passion and desire to learn proper foods and nutrients.  I do have thoughts on this subject that I would like to share.

The essentials

I believe that the majority of our essential nutrients like proper carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals need to come from the foods that we eat.

I don’t need an essential oil pill, if I consume cold-water wild oily fish, like wild salmon or sardines or in my vegan case, freshly ground flax seeds, or chia seeds.

I don’t need a vit C, or vit E or vit A pills, if I eat citrus fruits, carrots, peppers, nuts, seeds, avocadoes, olives or olive oil and so on and so forth. I don’t need vit B pills, because I eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, or amazing chlorella and spirulina or my beloved bee pollen. I don’t need magnesium or zinc pills because I eat plenty of 100% raw organic chocolate, completely guilt free.

Choose bioavailable and bioabsorbable

Nutrients that come from free ranged or wild animals, organic, properly grown fruits and vegetables, are the ones, most recognized by the body, thus properly digested and absorbed.

The proper terminology for those nutrients is: they are bioavailable and bioabsorbable.

Food is not enough

Living in our “day and age” of environmentally polluted world with enormous daily stresses, indeed, my body needs additional support and boost.  I strongly believe that we need vit D supplementation, as we don’t get enough of sun in Alberta, Canada.

I also strongly believe that we need an additional supplementation with proper probiotics, alive and properly delivered to the colon, for microgut health, brain health and immune system health.   I also believe that my body needs the boost in cell antioxidant capacity, thus I take NRF2 activators, yes, I take Protandim.  So, now you know what I eat and what I supplement.  Thank you, Cathleen for inspiring me to write this.

My beautiful friends, I wish you a great spring day full of love, laughter and positivity.  Enjoy yourself, enjoy your nutrient dense food and please fortify it with proper supplementation. Cannot wait to hear your feedback!  I will answer your questions and messages. 

Guidelines for supplements

IMG_1315-2Looking for better health?

All of us want to feel better, but the modes and methods of execution are different. Some people are looking for easier solution like a PILL, however the others try to change the life style with better, more nutrient dense foods, more regular and more strenuous exercise and proper supplementation.   Read more

Is there a magic pill?

0303_1188-3There is a “galore” of breast cancer cases is sitting on my desk, but my heart is drawn to the concept of “ panacea”, “miracle pill”, or “magic solution”!

Last night, I had an amazing experience of conducting my first webinar on the topic of cellular upregulation via two nuclear transcription factors NRF2, and NRF1.  Yes, I do represent NRF2 natural up-regulators. Protandim is one of them. I was challenged to the concept that it is “addressed” in media and by some distributors as “miracle pill”. I cannot disagree more with this statement and would like to express my opinion.

Of course, protandim is great and please look it up on, however, by no means it is a “magic pill”, panacea or miracle “drug”!!

There is no such thing.

We, as God’s children, are perfect and we are the miracle and I believe it is my and everybody else’s responsibility and commitment to our bodies and God to keep us happy and healthy.

It is not an easy task and there are no simple take one “magic pill” solution.

Nature is perfect, my cells are perfect if they thrive on proper “soil” with proper nutrients and proper “fertilizers”, like vit D, calcium and magnesium, selenium and so on and so forth (you got the idea).  No such thing as “miracle” pill, only the thrive to becoming better us, healthier us cleaner us and of course kinder us.

Great day to all of you,
With all my heart and love,

Dr. Sveta Silverman, MD

p.s.  If you missed the presentation on cellular up regulation, please review the slide presentation.

Healthy living begins with love

IMG_0085I am starting my educational journey and journey of changing people’s lives to better health.

Where do we start?  Of course, we start with LOVE!

What is the gift God empowers us with? If we are lucky and blessed, it’s a gift of love. It’s the gift of loving and being loved.

When we leave this earth, we are “lovingly remembered”. There is an absolute joy to be loved, but there is no better joy and gift than ability to love and give.

And we can only love others, by loving ourselves, accepting ourselves as who we are and just thriving to be a better us.

We cannot be in-love with ourselves, but we can love is as white and black, as good and bad, cherish us as good and improving as from bad to better, but loving ourselves.

LOVE is the word of the today and tomorrow.

Welcome to my site. Welcome to the journey for health and for a better me and you.

I love you!

Thank you

Dr. Silverman

Living with purpose

Heavy soul and heavy heart
Long, long days.
No stop, just start.
Dream on board and light ahead.
God above and friend in hand.

Where is wisdom, where is path?
What’s my timing, as far as mars!
Skin is tough and heart is soft.

To share.
To love.
To live.

I think it’s worth it!