We are Responsible for our Children's Futures

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My Dear Readers! 

When I was asked to talk about mental health, specifically autistic spectrum disorder and attention hyperactivity syndrome and oxidative stress, at the event to support “Smiles Non-profit shop society”, I was indeed uncomfortable: it is out of my zone of expertise. 

However, when there is a chance to educate health, I am “all on board”. 

I did my research of this issue and created a simple, very self-explanatory power point as to what can we improve for those afflicted by ADS and ADHD. 

Please take a moment and open this power point presentation to look through the “deck of slides”. It will be so amazing to see your feedback and thoughts. 

With love and gratitude, 

Sincerely your doctor of choice and “HUGS”,

Dr. Sveta Silverman MD.