Q & A: How do supplements work with irritable bowel syndrome?

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Question by Jane: Is it ok to take Protandim and Nrf1 if you have irritable bowel disorder or should they take probiotics?

Answer: Thank you so very much for asking this question. As always, I will caution you, that neither NRF2, nor NRF1 protandim doesn't cure, treat or mitigate disease. I don't see any reason for a person with irritable bowel syndrome not to take NRF1 protandim (mitochondrial booster), I know of someone who suffers from severe irritable bowel syndrome who takes it. It is my belief that everyone with IBS, should be on probiotics, the best money can buy. I love probio, because it has 6 billion alive species from 6 different strains, contains wellmune (primary immune system booster) and it has bio-track protection, aka 60% delivery to the colon.

All the best and let's thrive to the best health.