Q & A: Does Protandim do the same things as fish oil or Ginkgo?

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Question by Stacie: If I take Protandim, do I still need to take fish oil and ginkgo biloba? I've noticed some positive effects from the Ginkgko. But does Protandim do the same things as fish oil or as Ginkgko? 

Answer by Dr. Silverman:  I would love to caution you that I am not a naturopathic, nor a homeopathic doctor or chiropractor and will refer you to their expertise of herbs, roots and natural remedies.

My personal opinion that you need to take essential fatty acids. You can obtain "great fish oil" from wild Alaskan salmon or sardines or krill fish. You can take fish oil, but just make sure it is not rancid and preferentially, in the capsule formulation from the best possible source. As a Vegan, I obtain my omega 3/omega 6 fatty acids from flax, hemp or chia seeds. I grind them just before I consume them, and usually don't leave more than 40 minutes between grinding and eating them.  Again, and it is personal opinion: I will stay on both protandim and Ginko biloba.