Q & A: Can someone take Protandim during or after radiation therapy?

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Question by Colette:

My friend recently underwent radiation, chemo & colostomy. She was taking Protandim prior to radiation but was advised to stop by her naturopathic oncologist as well as oncologist. She is 3 weeks post op. What could she bring to her doctors about Protandim that they might review or at least give her the go ahead to take? Do you have any compelling statements or recommend any particular studies etc? I thought it was very interesting that her naturopathic doctor put her on his supplements with turmeric etc.

Also, friends that have recovered from breast cancer have been told by the cancer clinic doctors not to take Protandim because of the milk thistle in it. How do you address this issue? thanks very much

Answer by Dr. Silverman:

Thank you so very much for your questions. Indeed, I cannot interfere with your friend's management of colorectal and breast carcinoma.  It is my pleasure to provide you with some research and evidence on Protandim and NRF2 in colon cancer and to share some research papers in regards to milk thistle, estrogen receptors and breast cancer as well as NRF2 inducers during chemotherapy.

Research articles: