Q & A: Are bioidentical hormones safe?

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Question by Dawn:

My mom is a breast cancer survivor for 14 years now. As this has touched our family, I have become interested in what I can do to prevent this disease.  My question is this: I have read some of the Susan Somers books regarding supplements and BHRT. Does your research support BHRT? I did partake in BHRT for about 1 1/2 years and then discontinued as I didn't see any change in my hormone levels and my family doctor advised against it. I guess I'm asking what is your opinion on BHRT?

Answer by Dr. Silverman:

I love Susan Somer's books and read most of them and learnt from them as well. I deeply respect the doctors she has interviewed. Honestly, I don't have an educated opinion on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), but indeed if need, personally will go for bioidentical only.

I am not concerned with my estrogen and truly leave it up to natural body path, relying on proper foods, exercise and supplementation.

There is power in cholesterol as a building block of steroid hormones and estrogens and such.  It's important to eat proper fats and eliminate tap water, animal protein, coming from conventionally raised animals, and to stay away from plastic and aluminum deodorants. These things eliminate the abnormal estrogen, "xenoestrogen". It is very healthy to stay fit and keep my normal body/mass/index so it eliminates the estrogen dominance.

Being menopausal, I try to obtain my estrogens from flax seeds, legumes, very rarely from tofu ( only certified organic variety), sweet potatoes and from healthy fats, like avocados, olive oil and so on and so forth.


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