The power of choice!

As I’m on the journey of becoming a better me; as a person, physician, health promoter, entrepreneur and leader; my dilemma is, “do I have to or do I choose to”?

When I say, “I have to”, it removes my inner commitment to the task, because the purpose of fulfilling the task becomes that it is “brought upon me”. At that point, I am just a passive follower.

When I say, “I choose to”, I am admitting responsibility to my own actions.

We always have a choice.

This mentality shifts my thinking to commitment of the true purpose of that task.

I still make a decision, whether I have to, or if I choose to; but I always have a choice.

It is my choice to work hard, and I love it.

It is my choice to teach health and I love it.

It is my choice to eat nutrient dense foods and I love it.

It is my choice to pray and meditate and love and I love it.

I choose to balance my life and not to sacrifice my family or marriage. I stand by my choice.

Let’s do this together

I choose to stay honest to myself. Will you join me in this quest?

I choose to love you,


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  1. Hi Sveta,
    I have read your article many times. It is very thought provoking. Yes, of course we all have choices. I find, so many times that my choices are dictated by societal norms and expectations of other people. If these expectations are not fulfilled all hell breaks loose, to the point where it affects my reputation. It is a difficult situation to be in.

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