Pyramid of love

IMG_5780Power of belief and power of love created the perfect storm of success

I run a network marketing business.   Many of you may wonder why a doctor is involved in MLM (multi-level marketing)? I would like to share the story of my success in this, so-called “pyramid scheme” adventure.

I build pyramids: they are pyramids of love and health. I have just experienced the effect of my own team pyramid of love.

I’ve never experienced the support, help, love and sacrifice of people to make me successful, like it happened just recently.  Several people just voluntarily, without asking for anything in return, just helped me.  They lifted me up to a level of success and freedom.

I believe my dream will come true and I will reach my goal with the belief and power of people’s love and indeed, with the help of God, yes, I have reached my goal!

I express my thanks to my pyramid of love, my pyramid of teammates and friends, not only for making me successful but also for making me so full of happiness and love and for keeping my fire to help others.

My pyramid is changing the world to be a better place, how is about yours?

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