Momma, I miss you more than ever



Today is my mom’s birthday.  She helped shape who I’ve become.  As I remember her today, I want to share my memory and the impact of her influence with you today. A line from one of my favourite songs is, “My beautiful momma, I miss you more than even now”!

We all started with our mothers.  Most of us adore our mothers and want to be like them. I always wanted to be like my mother and have her kindness, warmth, show her love to people and her dedication to family. I wanted to be smart and tenacious like her.

I was fortunate that through the fights and disagreements that transpire between two very strong women, I always adored her and she was my absolute best friend and confidant. She was my advisor and “thunder poll” in moments of teary rains and emotional explosions.

The healer motivated my focus on health

My mom had a gift of a healer; she was a doctor by trade and by God’s calling. She was born to help and treat people, conventionally, alternatively with power of smile and laughter and with power of love.  Mom had deadly cancer and I am absolutely positive it was brought up by different modalities of stress. That is why, I am an ‘ANTI-STRESS” doctor. It was my mom who started me on my journey of exploring health, promoting health and health education.

My Mom left us in 2004, becoming my guiding and guarding angel. She is with me every day of my life, I know she is with me, I just miss her warm and pillowy gentle hugs. Sorry, guys, I don’t want to go all mushy and teary on you!!

Love, positivity and happiness brings health

Well: what is the “punch line here”? Its all about love and positivity of life. We live happy, when we are healthy. Healthy, is not only physical, but indeed I am talking about emotional and spiritual health.  Love and health is the key to long life.  I am all for it.

Thank you, my amazing always-beloved mother. I love you always.

I love you all my friends.  Spring is in the air.



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  1. Hi Sveta,
    I miss my mom so much. Cried when I read your article. It’s very touching. Very beautiful memories of your mom. Wish I could have met her too. Chris

  2. Thank you Sveta for this lovely tribute to your momma! So inspirational, and heartfelt. It truly parallels the relationship and feelings I have for my mama. I love her and miss her so dearly every single day. All mothers are heroes as they give their lives to give life. <3

  3. Wow…..what beautiful, loving words…I wish I could have met this amazing momma of yours and what a wonderful tribute to her….This blog is absolutely amazing Dr Sveta…I am beyond inspired by you! Thank you for this gift…Love you, Patti

  4. BEAUTIFUL post on your momma! TOTALLY get it! She is with you always and fuels you every day. And look how YOU fuel others. The love that keeps on giving……I love you, Dr. Sveta Silverman, and I love your momma for blessing us with you and your passion for helping others!

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