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Properly grown fruits and vegetables are most recognized by the body

This morning I was inspired by Cathleen, an amazing young woman, who I met at the gym. She is my “work out” inspiration and I admire her dedication to daily exercise and thrive to proper nutrition.  We were at the end of spin class and Cathleen told me that she doesn’t take any supplements. It started a great conversation.

I am not a dietician and my knowledge of foods and nutrition comes from passion and desire to learn proper foods and nutrients.  I do have thoughts on this subject that I would like to share.

The essentials

I believe that the majority of our essential nutrients like proper carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals need to come from the foods that we eat.

I don’t need an essential oil pill, if I consume cold-water wild oily fish, like wild salmon or sardines or in my vegan case, freshly ground flax seeds, or chia seeds.

I don’t need a vit C, or vit E or vit A pills, if I eat citrus fruits, carrots, peppers, nuts, seeds, avocadoes, olives or olive oil and so on and so forth. I don’t need vit B pills, because I eat plenty of leafy green vegetables, or amazing chlorella and spirulina or my beloved bee pollen. I don’t need magnesium or zinc pills because I eat plenty of 100% raw organic chocolate, completely guilt free.

Choose bioavailable and bioabsorbable

Nutrients that come from free ranged or wild animals, organic, properly grown fruits and vegetables, are the ones, most recognized by the body, thus properly digested and absorbed.

The proper terminology for those nutrients is: they are bioavailable and bioabsorbable.

Food is not enough

Living in our “day and age” of environmentally polluted world with enormous daily stresses, indeed, my body needs additional support and boost.  I strongly believe that we need vit D supplementation, as we don’t get enough of sun in Alberta, Canada.

I also strongly believe that we need an additional supplementation with proper probiotics, alive and properly delivered to the colon, for microgut health, brain health and immune system health.   I also believe that my body needs the boost in cell antioxidant capacity, thus I take NRF2 activators, yes, I take Protandim.  So, now you know what I eat and what I supplement.  Thank you, Cathleen for inspiring me to write this.

My beautiful friends, I wish you a great spring day full of love, laughter and positivity.  Enjoy yourself, enjoy your nutrient dense food and please fortify it with proper supplementation. Cannot wait to hear your feedback!  I will answer your questions and messages. 

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    • Dearest, Keri Lynn! I cannot wait for you sharing the wisdom of health and teaching us the power of chlorella and spirulina, amazing superfoods.

  1. WOW Dr. Silverman awesome article ! I do need to ask when recommending supplementing with Hormone D you are assuming people will have their storage and active D levels checked FIRST , right? 🙂 Its become known that just because blood work is showing a deficiency in hormone D , THE REALITY is that the body is really deficient in magnesium which we need to activate our D , so if D is in storage and not activated it will show we are deficient if they just check for Active D. So in the end what we need to do is check not only for our storage and active hormone D levels but also for our RBC magnesium levels as serum levels will not tell us if the magnesium is getting into our cells where it is needed.! 🙂

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